Claqua Phase

We revise our previous verbalization and start doing Classification and Qualification Phase. We’ve draw up the IGD in CaseTalk. But I think we still missing something. How can we differ Patient for Policlinic and Patient for Hospitalization? Can they exist in the same day? Just like Hospitalization Patient have update on their medication status. How … Continue reading

Access VBA

Today I learn about VBA for Access. I learn it through book titled Access 2007 VBA Programming For Dummies (2007) I’ve done until chapter 8th. Hopefully by Saturday I can finish the book. Tomorrow we will continue our group work in Vivi’s house. Although Mrs Dineke haven’t got anytime for us we will still trying … Continue reading

First Verbalization

Today we already created first verbalization. We already send it to The Board of Rhine IJssel Hospital. We’ll be waiting for her approval for continuing the next step: Classification and Qualification Hopefully we done good ūüôā

Use Case revision

Today we meet the client and also our supervisor. They point out something that revise our project planning document, BPMN and also our Use Case. We just know that we don’t have to describe all “CRUD” in our use case for the sake of brevity. at 16.00 we finished the meeting with supervisor and client … Continue reading

The second day

What my group have done today : Draft of use case for new system A lots of questions to client What I learned today : Use Case, How to create a¬†features for new system based on business process What I¬†need to know : Reading¬†English¬†fast, more BPMN, more Use Case What I¬†don’t like today : my … Continue reading

The first day

What my group done today? Project Plan Report Draft of BPMN for Registration and Intake, Hospital, Policlinic. A List of question for domain expert (client) What I learned today :¬†BPMN, Agile, Scrum Methodology What I ¬†need to know :¬†Schrum Methodology, UML, use case diagram What I don’t like today : nothing Reflection :¬†Nice to discuss … Continue reading

2nd Day

Today we’re finished: Draft of Chapter 1 (Project Plan) Draft of BPMN for Patient Registration and Intake Process Draft of BPMN for Policlinic Process All files will be exchanged via DropBox. All team member have already invited to DropBox.